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English Longbows and Warbows

English Longbows, either laminated or selfbows always tillered to come round compass and bend in every bit of the wood used. This way of tillering eliminates most of the handshock that comes with English longbows and takes away most of the stacking at longer drawlengths. Typically Longbows are measured at 28 inch drawlength to give a requested drawweight. Our longbows are tested at extra drawlength to make sure the last you a long time. All English longbows fit the 5 to 8 rule. if so desired extra warranty can be ordered on these bows. That is how much we trust in our bows! The usual drawweights vary between 25 and 70 lbs at 28 inches. Warbows are often measured at 32 inch drawlength and usually rated above 71 lbs (at 32 inch that is) . We have made 195 lbs fully working warbows of laminated and self Yew wood. 

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